Setting up your club email

What’s happening?

The club has been lucky enough to secure a technology sponsorship from Microsoft.  This will allow us to develop our use of technology as the club continues to go from strength to strength.  We have plans over the future to look at how we can reduce some of our paper processes but our first change will be to modernise our mail and website to take advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 platform.

Why are these changes required?

To be compliant with GDPR and safeguarding of personal information, especially of young people, we need to stop using personal email accounts for the exchange of information. 

We will be setting up an email account for each person in the format which you will be able to use to access individual and shared mail as well as other future services.

In addition we will set up role based and team mail accounts such as or which will be accessed with your own personal login.  This will allow us to manage mail flow more securely as well as being able to transfer mail accounts when people change roles.

How does this change impact me?

If you have an existing mail account this will be migrated to the new mail service.  The email address will be exactly the same and all mail will be available from Office 365.  In addition you will receive a new named account.  Both of these accounts will need to be set up on your phone or other device.  You can get assistance with this following the migration or you can complete set up yourself with the instructions.

If you do not have an account you will receive a new named email account for you.  Team managers will also get a second account for their team which can be accessed using your individual login.


How can I access my email?

You will be able to access mail from a phone or tablet device using the Outlook app and from the web at the Office 365 web portal.  In addition you will need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app to secure your login in a similar way to how we secure banking or our work email accounts.  You may have this installed on your phone already if you are a current Office 365 user.

When is this happening?

Existing email account holders will get their new username and password emailed them to them on Tuesday 29th June.   To receive your new username and password you will need to complete this form before 7th July  so we know where to send your mail details to.  Go to

We will migrate email on the morning of 7th July.  You will not be able to access your mail on this day until we the migration is complete.  We will announce this on the WhatsApp MK City FC Mngrs & Admin group.

How can I prepare?

  • Complete the form at before 7th July
  • Download the Outlook app for your phone
  • Download the Authenticator app for your phone
  • Watch out for your account details in your mailbox and the notification in the WhatsApp group when accounts are ready

Can I just set this up myself?

Yes, see the instructions in the accompanying document.  As soon as the note goes out saying the migration and setup is complete you can set up your devices.

What if I have difficulties?

I will support people by phone if they have any struggles setting up their mail.  You can WhatsApp or text Stuart on 07515525693.

Anything else?

Watch this space for plans on how you can leverage the remainder of your Office 365 subscription.  You are able to use the web versions of the Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and store files in OneDrive and SharePoint.  You can also use Forms to collect information in a secure way and use Sway to produce beautiful newsletters.  We also have plans to implement Microsoft Teams to streamline our comms and give you better access to information, forms and files.


Getting Started Instructions

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